A study in plywood, Obelisk #3

In the Summer of 2014, I was sorting some wood in the shed and noticed the lovely grain on some of the offcuts of plywood. One piece was a strange obelisk like shape and was not large enough to make a box from so I decided it would make a nice sculpture.

I found three similarly sized pieces and laminated them together with PVA and clamped them up to dry. Later I used a large hole saw to cut holes in the wood to provide an different view of the grain.


Over the following months the wood just sat at the side of the bench. Whenever I had a little time I shaved a bit of wood off until one day I was finally happy with the shape. I then filled any holes sanded the surfaces with a fine grained paper.

Form taking shape

The surface was cleaned with white spirit and then over several days the wood was coated with many thin layers of Danish Oil. Finally the base was bonded with a scrap of leather so that it would not mark surfaces. This has the additional advantage that it produces a tiny shadow gap and makes the sculpture stand out from the surface.

Obelisk #3

If you are interested in this piece of sculpture or want to commision a similar piece then get in contact

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