New tools

For Christmas I received a generous gift of a pocket hole jig, drill and clamp. Unfortunately the provided depth stop was the wrong size as it was intended for a much smaller drill.

Pocket Hole Jig

Rather than send that back I thought it would be easier to make a replacement. I had some appropriately sized bronze bar so I drilled that out to 10mm to match the drill. I then drilled and tapped the side for a clamping screw. I grabbed a random screw from the screw box but unfortunately it did not match my thread. As I tightened it I heard a crack and the head of the screwdriver shattered. My solution was to turn that screw driver into a bradawl by grinding the tip into a point and to swap out the screw with one that fitted.

New tools

I tested the new depth stop and jig on a piece of scrap wood and it worked well. I hope that this set up will allow me to build workshop and house furniture more quickly.
Pocket hole

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