Fitting the shed skylight

As mentioned in the interview from Monday, Mark Curtis from Activent kindly provided a kit for a shed skylight. As the Workshopshed already has a massive window in the roof I did not need to add a skylight. However, Alan did have a dark workshop so I passed the skylight kit over to him to install. He does have a lot of experience making sheds as he now has 3 but he found the installation straight forward and is happy with the end results.

Alan’s main recommendation was to read the instructions, he also found that the provided bolts were a little short so needed some longer ones. Mark clarified this; “The bolts are standard 40mm bolts for timber up too 15mm and I also offer bolts 50mm long for timber up to 25mm“, so you can make sure you get the rights bolts when you purchase the kit. Final tip is to note the safety advice in the instructions.

Here’s some photos of the build as it progresses.

Safety warning: Standing on a shed roof is likely to result in injury, most are not strong enough to support a person.

Alan decided to stray from the instructions at this point and cut the hole from the top. The kit is designed so you can install it from inside and that’s the recommended installation technique. As mentioned the supplied bolts turned out too short so were swapped out. Alan was impressed with the captive washers as those could easily get lost otherwise.

Once the frame was bolted in, it was a simple task to add the trim to make the results look really smart.

As you can see the end results are worth it, the work area is now flooded with light.

One thought on “Fitting the shed skylight

  1. Alan Haddow says:

    Absolutely just what I was looking for a very informative way of doing a job properly and with right tips to make this job on my shed possible,thank your. Keep these great informative ideas coming. Many thanks Alan.

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