Getting light into your workshop shed

If you work in your shed then having plenty of light is key. Windows can help but are often sheltered by fences or other buildings. Putting in a roof window can fill your shed with light.

Mark Curtis from Activent approached me with a new product that’s been specially designed for sheds.


Workshopshed: Hi Mark, thanks for getting in contact. How did you get the idea of a roof light specifically for sheds?

Mark Curtis: After watching a TV advert with Usain Bolt kicking a football through a shed skylight and landing on Richard Branson’s bench, we realised that roof windows for garden buildings were either very expensive Velux type or relied on copious amounts of silicon to effect a water tight seal, inevitably breaking down and failing over time. So we decided to develop the a window specifically designed to work with felt roofs, with the primary goals of it being completely watertight and within reach of everyone’s budget.

Workshopshed: So how did you achieve that?

Mark Curtis: The window is made from aluminium extrusion making it extremely strong and yet light weight, powder coated for protection against the worst of the elements ensuring it will look as good in the years to come as it did when new.

By using an oil based compression gasket and not relying on silicone’s or sealants, we have ensured that the seal attained will not breakdown and in all weathers it continues moving with the building through the coldest and wettest winter to the hottest of summers.


Workshopshed: That sounds complicated, how easy is it to install?

Mark Curtis: We set out to make the window as simple to fit as possible, ensuring that those with a little DIY knowledge and a basic tool box could successfully install it with the minimum of fuss.

Workshopshed: It certainly looks that way from looking at the instructions.

Mark Curtis: I’m sure you’ll manage.


Workshopshed: Thanks Mark, we’ll be putting it to the test, we’ve got a gloomy shed that needs some light and hope to get an Activent roof light fitted over the next few days as long as the weather holds out for us.

2 thoughts on “Getting light into your workshop shed

  1. […] mentioned in the interview from Monday, Mark Curtis from Activent kindly provided a kit for a shed skylight. As the Workshopshed already has a massive window in the roof I did not need to add a skylight. […]

  2. Robert says:

    Natural light is the best in your workshop and a simple big window is a solution.

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