Dressing a grinding wheel

When I’d been grinding my tungsten for the TIG welder, I’d been a bit careless and had ground in the same place each time. The net result was that I ended up with a groove down the middle of the wheel. Although it would be a straight forward job to replace the wheel I checked with a few people on twitter and they recommended giving dressing a go.

There are a few different choices for a wheel dresser. Before purchasing anything I watched this video from Tubalcain which explains the different types.

I did like the idea of buying a 1ct diamond but decided to go with Tubalcain’s recommendation of getting a T shaped one. They are not expensive and a great alternative to replacing the whole wheel.

I had been putting off this job, worried that it would be problematic. But it turned out that the process was very straight forward. I simply placed the dresser on the rest and gently pushed it into the wheel. You don’t need to take off much and you can do it quite slowly. With in a short time I had a flat wheel again. I cleaned off the bench and dresser and was good to go.

Dressing a Grinding Wheel

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