More Knight Painting


This week the knight was painted with some metallic paint, this looked a bit watery for the first coat but the second coat came up great. and the shield was painted red and white.

The shield was painted red and white with a knights templar style cross.

The shield arm and shield were glued up.

The box needed a little modification, there were two holes from the previous knight, one had held a pole that supported the cardboard and the other for the cables. The support hole was filled with a dowel and sanded flush. The cable hole was drilled out to 9mm so that the servo connector would fit.

Box Mod
Finally, I did a test fitting of the parts, it looks like my cabling is a bit short so that will need to be adapted, the servo and LED wires are fine. I tested each of the LED colours with a couple of AA batteries and all three colours of both LEDs are working fine, and they show up really well inside the helmet. I’ll wire these up the PiCon Zero board rather than the level shifters. That will mean a bit of a code change they can be faded which should look good. I’ll glue the sword once I’ve tested the servo motion and the knight can be screwed to the top of the box. The IR module also needs screwing in place as that was previously wedged by the breadboard. The PiCon Zero / protoshield will be mounted with some 2.5mm threaded rod with suitable spacers and some nuts to secure.

New Knight

I need to get the latest iteration of the project working for a talk at SkillsMatter next month.

Saw Book

There has also been some progress on the saw book this week. I’ve finished writing about the manual saws and started a couple of chapters on selecting your saw by task and selection by material. My plan is to finish those two and sketch the hand saws before sending a draft out to some people for review. Whilst that’s happening I can vectorise the hand drawn images.

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