Upcycling Design Challenge

I’ve started on a new challenge with Element14. The idea is to take some old electronics and make something better from it. In my case I’ve an old RC car and a Furby. My project is to turn these into a race car with driver. The car will be controlled from a tablet or phone and the driver will respond to the motion. The competition is sponsored by Intel and they have provided some Intel Edison boards to power the project. The Edison is a tiny but powerful board that runs a Linux operating system, this allows it to be programmed using high level languages such as Node.js and to have an onboard MQTT broker. Following in the upcycling theme I hope to utilise reclaimed parts from my scrap box. There are already some LEDs from a broken down light for the headlights.

So far I’ve stripped down the car and have been working on controlling the motors. I’ve also found some great research work into the Furby’s elegant control mechanism which will help me along the way. For more details see the Upcycle It blog

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