DIYODE Magazine

Just this month a new electronics and making magazine has launched from a publisher in Australia.

Issue 1 from DIYODE magazine

DIYODE magazine has a great mix of features, education and projects. The magazine style seems to be an easy read but without dumbing down. Their humour can be seen in their cartoon, “Circuit Modd“.

Circuit Modd from DIYODE magazine

There is a wide range of content with the first month including:

  • Pi Booth
  • When Tech Meets Art
  • 100W DIY Bluetooth Speaker
  • Meet FRED
  • Valve Amplifier
  • Boosting Cars
  • Pi Powered Sprinklers
  • Build a 555 Timer PWM Control
  • Hello World in 6 Languages
  • What is Electricity?
  • 3D Printing Basics
  • Learning Remote Control
  • Super Size LED VU Meter
  • Arduino Web Server
  • Power Outage Detector
  • Noteworthy
  • New & Reviewed
  • Storing Renewable Energy
  • Elite Robotics
  • Community Submissions
  • Adventures of Circuit Modd

DIYODE are also looking for people to submit their own “awesome” projects.

The magazine is available in Australian stores, by subscription and as a digital download.

You can find them at and on Twitter @diyodemag

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