Rube Goldberg Machine and Video Editing

As mentioned earlier this week I’ve just swapped in a new PC as my old one died on me, then recycled the old one. My daughter and I also built and filmed a Rube Goldberg machine. After several false starts and failed runs we managed to get a successful run filmed.

Once it was filmed I went to edit together our footage and realised that I needed to re-install Movie Maker which is part of Microsoft Essencials. However, when I went to install it, I discovered that this package had been dropped back in January 2017 and no replacement had been provided.

My requirements are pretty simple so I thought there should be something out there.

  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Insert videos and images
  • Cut between clips
  • Overlay audio
  • Trim clips

I tried various of the “free versions” I found online but found that they nearly all put a massive watermark in the middle of the screen so were effectively useless.

I also tried:

Light Works – Did not run
Blender – So confusing I ended up with the video running at a different speed to the audio.
Shotcut – Had promise but kept freezing on me

So I ended up with DaVinci Resolve this is totally overkill for what I need but it was straight forward to use and apart from a bit of stuttering whilst playing clips it was pretty good.

I mentioned all of these on twitter and a few more recommendations were provided. I’ll likely look at kdenlive at some point as that seems a good match for my requirements.

Adobe Premiere Elements

2 thoughts on “Rube Goldberg Machine and Video Editing

  1. […] a prize for our winning Rube Goldberg Project14 entry, Element14 gave use some cash to spend on new kit from their store. Megan picked […]

  2. Since this project we’ve swapped over to a paid product, Filmora. It’s pretty simple to use and has the same kind of power as DaVinci such as picture in picture. Filmora is a yearly subscription so will be reviewing to see if we get value for money from it.

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