November bits and pieces

A Little Saw

A mini milestone was hit this week. I completed the last of the saw illustrations for the “A Little Saw” book.

So the next step is to fit the pictures into the text and get the book formatted and out to the reviewers. Amazon have just brought out a Beta “Kindle Create” tool to help with the formatting for Ebook. This looks quite interesting and as I already use heading styles it should work well.


I’ve also been doing a little DIY around the house. A stainless steel grill was added to the tubledrier vent to discourage the mice from visiting over winter. I also cemented the front step which was a bit wobbly. It’s good to get that kind of job done before it gets too cold as the cement does not cure properly.


Last week we made a Rube Goldberg machine which has shown to be very popular. This week I have been doing some reading on powering up the pelitier for the mini dehumidifier, and been sketching some ideas for the case.

It’s also worth mentioning Dominic’s #makevember manifesto the idea is to do a mini make using a new technique for every day in Novembmer. This kind of exercise can improve your making and creative techniques. Although it’s the 6th, it’s not too late to join in.

the #makevember manifesto

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