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Reader Review

There have been a few book reviews of “[amazon text=A Little Saw&asin=1976814901]” today. The first on Amazon from “Tigger” commented that the book “did not cover any power cuting tools” (sic).

I had origionally planned to include power saws in the book. Once I started researching I realised that there was plenty with just the hand saws to get a first edition out. As mentioned in the section about why the book was written, I felt it was more important to get the book out so people could actually get benefit from it rather than to create a massive book. There is work in progress to provide details on powered saws but I felt a book on making holes would be more valuable so that will be next.

I’ve updated the description on Amazon so it should be more obvious that this edition just covers hand saws.

What do you think? Should I have plowed on for another year or so to get a more comprehensive book or is a short book better?

Also if you’ve already bought a copy of [amazon text=A Little Saw&asin=1976814901] and have not left a review then pop over to Amazon and let me know what you think. That way we can ensure that the next book is even better.

Magazine Announcement

Model Engineer’s workshop also gave the book some coverage and announced it in their new products section.

Blogger Reviews

A couple of bloggers have taken up my call to read and review the book. These are not paid reviews but they did get a free copy.

Phil Parker from Phil’s workbench is a model maker, known for his excellent scratch built and kit projects for model railways. His favourite saw is also the Jr Hacksaw.

Rachael Jess is a DIY and Upcycling enthusiast. She has built a dragon in her garden using old tyres, made furniture from pallets and likes projects with a Marvel, Star Wars or Time Lord theme. Rachael’s favourite saw is which ever is closest.

5 thoughts on “First “A Little Saw” Reviews

  1. Alan says:

    you should have ploughed on

    • Whilst writing this I read “Better know your hammer”, that’s half the size of “A little saw” and priced a lot higher. I did think that was poor value for money and knew I needed more than that.

      I’ve learnt lots from the process of publishing so I think it’s better to make mistakes early. It would be very easy to fall into the same trap as Ford and end up continually perfecting a book and never releasing it. Then if you made some errors in publishing it would be terrible.

      I think time will tell if I did release this one to early.

  2. Alan says:

    Ford Prefect. HHGTTG?

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