3 DIY Project Ideas You Should Try This Weekend

There are a lot of DIY work plans available online these days but this time around we wanted to round up some project ideas that are unique in their own ways. Here is a list of projects to make
your weekend challenging:


A workbench is literally an investment for future DIY projects. You can build a simple one for your garage or the shed to complete your woodworking projects on it in an organized way.
Additionally some workbench designs also give you extra storage to keep your on tools in them.
Workbench plans online are available both free and paid, they come according to different skill levels, time taken for the project and cost of raw materials. You should decide the plan you will go for on the basis of how much space you have and what is the purpose for which you will use the bench. If you don’t feel up to building from a plan then you could always get a self assembly kit.
Once the bench is ready, the sky is the limit for the projects you can build on it for example: You can build a chicken coop, dog house or a picnic table!

Wine Rack

As much as all of us dream of having a wine cellar in our basements, the truth is most of us don’t have enough free space available. So instead of being disappointed we can actually build a classic wine rack for our living room, which not only holds the bottles but also works as a great home décor. The best part is since the rack would not be really big in size; you can actually complete the projects for less than $200.

Brick Barbeque Grill

A barbeque grill is a great idea if your weekends are spent lazing around the backyard with your friends. It’s important to place the brick bbq grill on a sturdy base and significantly away from other objects in the backyard as it can easily catch a fire while grilling a meat. Additionally, you can add a patio near the grill and arrange rustic chairs and table there along a with planting a few trees. Trust me it’s a great benefit to have the shade of the tree on a warm summer evening. There are various designs available on the basis of the features you are looking for and your budget. While on one hand you can go a simple design with just bricks and mortar, on the other hand you can appliances like outdoor cabinets, electric smokers, or even a small refrigerator.

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