Top Women Makers

Mad Morda

I spotted Mad Morda via her application to host Element14’s “The Ben Heck Show”. She’s been making electronics, mods and 3D printed projects and publishing on youtube for the last year. I wish her the best of luck to Hack like Heck.

MuffinsSpreadPlagues @ YouTube

Samantha Bryan

Samantha Bryan claims that she was over exposed to bedtime stories as a child which has led to her having an overactive imagination. Also known as “The Fairy lady” Samantha creates amazing kinetic sculptures in the style of aeronautist fairies.

sambryan_artist @ Twitter

Brittany Bailey

Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl shows that you don’t have to be a man to be handy. Brittany is a licensed general contractor so is skilled in many areas of DIY and home renovation. She aims to empower novices getting into repair and provides inspiration and tutorials for getting the job done.
PrettyHandyGirl @ Twitter

Lorraine Underwood

Lorraine speciality is electronics and coding. Her recent projects included a jacket that signalled in lights if you are turning left or right on your bike and she’s currently working on a Microbit powered LED cube.

LMcUnderwood @ Twitter

Charis Williams

Charis Williams aka Salvage Sister loves to take pallets apart and turn them into new pieces of furniture. She’s recently moved into metal work and is now equally happy with a plasma cutter as with a crowbar.
TheCharis777 @ Youtube
CharisWilliams @ Twitter

Fiora Aeterna

Fiora is a skilled seamstress and prop maker. She makes cosplay and props with cloth and 3D printed parts. Her attention to detail when creating props is awe inspiring and the results are fantastic.

FioraAeterna @ Twitter

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