History Makers

This weekend I had the chance to watch the recording of the first two episodes of “History Makers” a new podcast from Design Spark.

This light hearted show pits Dr Lucy Rogers against comedienne Bec Hill in a competition to see if different technologies have improved our lives or has made things worse. In each episode they discuss and debate topic such as WiFi or Artificial intelligence and meet the Makers who made those possible. Harriet the Robot provides music and re-enacts snippets of history such as Mary Shelley’s summer with Byron. I’m not sure of the historical accuracy of these but they were certainly very funny.

I also got the meet the Design Spark team and other members of the Design Spark community and we chatted about Maker Spaces and the demise of Maplin.

History Makers podcast is scheduled to be broadcast later in the year, likely around September, there are 6 initial episodes.

2 thoughts on “History Makers

  1. Robbie says:

    Episode 1 is now available to download from http://www.designspark.com and is listed on the Apple Podcast app, just search for History Makers. Enjoy!

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