Drill Sharpening

I recently dismantled a broken garden seat so it could be taken for recycling. Basically separating the metal and hard plastic parts. To complete this I needed to drill out some rivets. Unfortunately doing that I snapped a 7mm drill.

Rather than throw it away, I first ground the end at about 45 degrees to remove all of the chipped flutes and jagged end. I just did that free hand on the little rest at the front of the grinder. I then popped it into the drill jig and ground the tip at the correct angle.

Drill in grinding jig

Finally, I did a quick test to check that it drilled a round hole and did not pull to one side when drilling; an indication that the drill was not ground symmetrically. It’s not the longest of drills but will do me for most jobs until I get around to getting a replacement.

Stubby 7mm drill with test holes

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