Making Space for Your Woodworking Projects

Workshopshed: Today’s Guest post is from Sandy Morris who tells us of the problems of running out of space to work.

Sandy: I heard an interesting but fairly common story about a man living in Oxford who was passionate about woodwork projects, but was having space issues.

Michael loved to spend hours in his shed, hammering away at various woodwork creations.

A short time ago, he realised that he was spending less and less time in his work shed though.

His woodwork table was covered with unused children’s toys and other clutter from inside his home, and his toolbox was the base for the balancing of multiple boxes. It was a sad sight. His woodwork projects slowly lost their place as a priority.

Was he bored of his projects, had family commitments or simply didn’t have time? Nope, the issue was quite simply space. Michael could never afford a workshop off premises, and so when his shed began to fill up with clutter, his woodwork hobby and “me time” slowly dwindled.

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Reclaim your woodwork shed

Michael’s declining hobby took a turning point when he was helping one of his friends move home. His friend was renting a self storage unit to store excess belongings during the transition period. He told Michael of the simplicity of the service, and how it helped to drastically reduce the stress that comes with moving.

It was at this point that Michael realised that self storage is the affordable, easy and convenient solution for his family’s excess belongings that he had been looking for. He decided to further investigate the option of renting a unit so that he could reclaim his beloved shed.

Self storage to the rescue

Michael called up his local self storage store and got a quote on the prices of various unit options. He was amazed to be told of the variety of sizes and flexibility of the contract.

Comments Michael, “When I discovered the ease, affordability and convenience of a self storage unit, it was as though a huge cluttered weight was lifted off my shoulders. I now have my working shed back without the clutter, and I’ve already started working on projects that I plan to sell at our local market.”

Woodworking is one of those hobbies that can change quickly. One day you may be working on building a large table, and the next day a set of shelves – space is therefore important. In order to be able to create quality items, you need the space and equipment to do so. An increasing amount of woodworking enthusiasts are as a result looking towards self storage, as the perfect adaptable solution to space issues.

Self storage is not only great for making space for your woodworking projects. Self storage provides a space for the overflow of your entire home, and they are secure. The security of the units means that you can store the likes of sentimental belongings, seasonal clothes and seldom-used equipment; all without taking up space in your shed or home.

Michael managed to reclaim his much-loved space and is continuing to make wonderful woodwork projects today. If you find yourself in a similar position to Michael’s, take advantage of self storage before chaos ensues.

Michael’s story is just one of many. The restriction of space can be a huge hurdle in pursuing your passions and hobbies – but it need not be. Self storage provides the perfect solution as an extension of your home.

Sandy Morris writes for leading UK self storage company Storage King, offering insight and tips into home improvement and how best to leverage property value, specifically for first-time buyers. A writer by day and a reader by night, Sandy is passionate about sharing property and self storage knowledge to making a positive contribution to people’s homes and their investment returns

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