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This week I discovered that another of my articles had been published. Model Engineer’s Workshop had published my piece of sand casting using 3D printed patterns and aluminium, for some reason the article does not appear in the table of content but it’s there on page 59. You can get the Autumn Special #272 from the back issues on the MEW website.

I completed the router project mentioned last week and gave the router a thorough testing. One of the items I tried was a finger joint. This proved challenging because I’d done my calculations based on the cutter being 6mm and it turned out to be 1/4 inch or 6.3mm. The second challenge was that I used a spacer rather than a jig. This just about works with my small joint but I suspect it the errors will multiply over larger joints and it will become problematic. I did several test pieces to work out the spacing needed.

For more details watch out for HackSpace Magazine #13 which will contain both projects and be out around the 25th November.

I also completed a bit of DIY over the weekend. I swapped out the front door letter box as the spring had gone in the existing one leaving the flap in an open position. This was a task I was a bit worried about as I’d never replaced a letterbox in a composite door before. It turned out quite straightforward, just unscrew the existing one and screw in the new “sleeved letterbox”. The things to watch for are the door thickness and the size of the slot as there are different standards. Hopefully the new letterbox will last a while and keep out the rain and drafts.

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