Washing Machine Repair

Monday last week the washing machine door handle stopped working and we could not get the wet clothes from the machine. The handle was a bit floppy so I suspected something had broken. My wife googled and found and handy video with ideas for opening it. 

We tried the first two techniques but had to resort to taking the top of and wiggling the catch from the inside. Next up I took the door off and quickly discovered that the issue was that the plastic handle had broken. We watched another video to see how to replace it and it seemed straight forward.

We ordered a new part on Monday and it turned up on Friday. 

One of the top tips from the video was to take a photo of the thing you are repairing before you take it apart. This is a great repair tip and if you’ve got a complex repair, many photos are a good idea.

In my door I had to work out where the ends of spring went as the video was for a slightly different model. On the opposite part of the door there were two blocks and the spring had to go behind those. It was a bit tricky to reassemble the door keeping the spring in the right place. I checked that the catch was working normally before shutting the door. It should spring shut so the spring is pushing the hook towards the lock. But you can push it back to close the door.

Note that this is not a sponsored post but we were happy with the supplier featured in these videos. There are other suppliers for the same part.

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