Shed Repair

This week my neighbour has been replacing their fence. The old wooden fence has been taken down and some big concrete posts have been put up. What this means is that for the first time since I moved into the Workshopshed 11 years ago, I can see the back wall.

I thought it would be a good idea to give it a coat of the same Forest Green preservative that I’ve used for the rest of the shed. So I wandered around to check it out.

Unfortunately, it was a sorry sight, some of the planks had rotted. As Dick Strawbridge says in the Escape to the Chateau, “you should not be able to see the sky through the roof”. The same applies to shed walls so I needed to patch it up quickly as it was now exposed to the weather. When I replaced the cladding a few years back it took a few hours to cut and nail the planks. This time I did not have the time or materials to complete the task before the neighbour completed the fence.


The bottom 5 planks were in the worst state and were hanging off or rotted through. It was in the corner where I had cleared out some dead plant matter a few years back so has likely been this way for a long time. I checked to see if I had any of the tongue and groove left over but it had all been used up. Luckily, I had an offcut of OSB that I had left over from when the roof was replaced,

I checked where the vertical supports were located and marked that with a pencil. The old planks were cut off using an oscillating multitool. A batton was screwed to the side of the upright to support them. To fill the hole, I trimmed the OSB to size and screwed it in to place with some exterior screws. Finally, the gap between the top of the OSB and planks was filled with some flexible roof sealant, again left over from the shed roof upgrade.

Colour change?

When I painted the planks, I used up the last preservative from the tub bought in 2009. It does not look like you can get that particular brand any more so perhaps next time the shed gets a new coat it will be time for a change of colour?

What do you think? What colour should the workshopshed be next?

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