IOT Security

This last week I gave a talk at the Linuxing in London group about IOT security. The main themes were why you should bother and how to secure a system.

Photo Credit: Tomo

The talk looked at some historical examples where systems were not as secure as the creators intended and what kind of mistakes were made.

We looked at “The seven properties of secure systems” from Galen Hunt at Microsoft Azure and the trusted platform module from the trusted computing group. There were some good questions at the end quizzing about physical security and certification.

Photo Credit: Adam

Element14 have also been thinking about security and have been running a series on Twitter looking at my Azure Sphere experiments.

You can see a video of the talk over at skills matter and feel free to read and use the slides.

You can also buy the “Man in the middle” T-Shirt over at CafePress.

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  1. […] given to the new maker space that had been set up in Microsoft. I also gave a talk this year on IOT Security that included the seven properties of secure systems by Galen Hunt who lead the Azure Sphere […]

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