Magazines and Stepper Motors

It would be easy to think that I’d be putting my feet up after the last post.

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But I’ve been busy with a new project for DIYODE magazine, I can’t say too much but it does include electronics, 3D printing and some coding to produce a remote-controlled electro-mechanical device. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

This month also sees another article in HackSpace Magazine, looking at how to build moving designs with levers and gears. I was also in last month’s DIYODE with the UV Monitor, a custom Arduino board with an RTC.

Hot Stepper

Element14 have sent me a TMC5161-EVAL-KIT by Trinamic to review along with a nice chunky stepper motor.

My plan is to test stepper repeat-ability and how it behaves under stall conditions. To complete the testing I’ve started building a test rig that is based around a large beam and some brackets for a bearing block and the stepper motor. I am 3D printing some 100mm drums which will have a cord running between them.

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