Kitchen Maintenance: 4 Things to Check for Repairs

There’s plenty of maintenance to do around the house, but one room that benefits from a special focus is the kitchen, and accompanying dining areas. 

This because they get so much use over time, when compared to the rest of the home, that appliances can wear out or need maintaining to keep them operating longer.

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Let’s dive in with four suggestions for things to check that might need maintaining or repairing in the kitchen. 

Heating and Cooling Systems

There’s usually a heating or cooling system in the kitchen area so you can stay warm in the winter and cooler in summer.

Modern kitchens may have an HVAC or another extraction system in place that will benefit from periodic maintenance, swapping out air filters and cleaning the dust out to help them operate cleaner and at a lower cost.

If they’re making an odd sound and everything is locked down, then that could be an indication of a problem. Even if the main kitchen area doesn’t have these systems, perhaps the dining area has a discrete system that you haven’t noticed before. 


With the dishwasher, it’s a good idea every month to remove the trays and wipe down everything inside. Clean the gaskets too, which build up grime and can cause a breakdown, and can prevent the dishwasher’s door from closing securely. By cleaning the dishwasher, it stops mold and other bacteria building up, which will eventually cause the machine to stop working.

Every quarter, the filters need cleaning and the washing arm should be cleaned with vinegar. Debris found around the filter area should also be removed. Without doing this, the drain may get clogged preventing dirty water from escaping. 

When neglecting to clean the dishwasher properly, it will breakdown through clogging and the parts being overworked or will overflow water onto the kitchen floor. 

Fix Your Cutting Boards

Using a cutting board in the kitchen is a common thing. However, they can become warped over time when they’re not taken care of properly. 

A high-quality cutting board is a necessary kitchen tool, so it pays to maintain your cutting board properly to avoid warping. However, if it’s already warped, then to get it straighter; learn how to do it here.


The combined stovetop and oven benefit from some TLC to avoid them stopping working entirely. The maintenance is a little different for an electric version vs a gas one. Be sure to turn off the stovetop and oven before proceeding. 

Every month, with an electric stovetop, a general clean, and wipe with some dish soap and hot water will help. Also you can take off the control knobs to give a wipe over , however pay attention that no liquid gets into the wiring for the stove.

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With a gas stovetop, monthly maintenance includes taking off the burners and metal grates carefully, and soaking them in hot water with dish soap to remove any stubborn or burned on debris. 

Make sure when re assembling that everything is dry and no excess water is left on the parts.

Every quarter, the oven needs a good clean too. With the oven turned off, take out the metal racks and put them in hot water and dish soap to give them a good soak. Then scrub them down to remove the buildup. With the oven turned off, give the inside some TLC with some oven cleaning detergent spray or soapy water to clean it.

 It usually takes some effort to clean the oven by hand. Some new ovens have a self-cleaning mode. Each is different, so check the instructions carefully.

Don’t try to repair a stovetop or oven yourself. If there’s a malfunction, book an appointment with a local repairer to attend your home to fix it. 

When taking care of the appliances and systems in your kitchen, it’s possible to have a trouble-free experience. Don’t neglect them as appliances can start to go wrong quickly when they aren’t cleaned or maintained regularly.

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