Halloween Projects

Here’s a couple of projects that I did for HackSpace Magazine last year. You can find all the code on my Github repo, https://github.com/Workshopshed/HackSpace


For HackSpace #12 I teamed up with The Kuriologist and we created this monkey skull bowl. There was an obvious influence of Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom film, but we replaced the actual monkey brains with jelly sweets and added some electronics in the form of a touch sensor, LEDs and AdaFruit Gemma to flash the eyes when someone went to take a candy.

Knife Switch

Every good mad scientist needs an arcing knife switch to “unleash the terror” or just turn on the bedside light. For HackSpace #13 I hooked up a radio-controlled switch to an Arduino and a brass and 3D printed switch. By using a piezo buzzer and a LED backlight the arcing noise and flashing lights were triggered each time the switch was opened or closed. The Energenie switch then turns the mains item off or on.

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