Making space and brush repair

One ongoing issue with the Workshopshed is the space to work. The space is shared between projects, tools, garden equipment and toys. There are also some overflows from the house such as decorating items.

I managed to get the bench cleared off earlier in the year. But the floor space has been shrinking as various new tools and projects have been arriving. We put the trampoline away for the winter and that pretty much used up the last bit of space.

My wife suggested getting an extra storage box so we cleared some space and fitted that in place the other weekend. However, we couldn’t find a lock so nothing was stored there till this weekend. The net result is that I can now see the floor in the Workshopshed. I have a plan to extend the bench to the left of the pillar drill and incorporate some storage underneath. It is a project that needs a bit of space to move so I should be able to do this now.

As part of the clearout, I found a broom handle and head that had parted ways. Both were in good condition but the plastic coupling that joined them together had split. I bought some jubilee clips in the week but those turned out to be too short, so I fitted them end to end to make a jumbo clip. A stainless steel screw was added to stop it from rotating and loosening up. So we now have a good stiff brush for sweeping the leaves off the patio.

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