9 Easy Ideas for Your Next Welding Project

Having DIY skills is a bittersweet thing. It is great knowing that you can build stuff, but you always feel a little bit let down when you’re in between projects and just aching to get to work.

There are plenty of easy, quick projects that will keep those welding skills from getting rusty. We took a look at just a few. We encourage you to let your imagination run wild.

One last thing to emphasize. Welding can be dangerous, so it’s imperative that you wear proper protective clothing and maintain safe practices when doing it. The only thing worse than having no projects to work on is having a project that goes unrealized because you’re recovering from an injury.

1. Fire pit

Metal joints have a higher melting point than the burn temperature of wood. If you want to put together things that hold burning things, you’ll need it all welded together. A fire pit is a good project for this. You don’t need to worry about what it looks like, because it’s definitely for practical purposes rather than aesthetics. Of course, if you’ve got the skill, you can also make a fire pit that looks pretty excellent.

2. Barbecue

If you know how to weld, you can customize your barbecue experience. You’ll be able to cut out the sides to add chambers or make it easier to remove the ash when you’re finished.

Because you’re just cutting metal and welding it together, it won’t take very long. It’s also a great way to develop skills since you won’t care if it looks gnarly as long as it produces delicious food.


3. Smoker box

Not to be content with a standalone smoking unit, a smoker box is a way to turn a conventional charcoal grill into a smoker. It’s a really simple design that will use up pieces of scrap metal you might have around the shop.

The smoker box is also a fast project that provides options to customize. You can shape it to fit any space you have in your grill that will allow it to hold chips that smoke and flavor whatever it is that you’re cooking.

4. Security door or window

You might not like fabricating a security door. You might not even like that you feel the need to do it. You probably won’t enjoy the process, unless you’re the paranoid sort.

What you will appreciate is that it’s a fast project that can look ugly as long as it works. Plus, if your neighbors know that you know how to weld, there might just be a bit of an intimidation factor about a man who plays with fire.

5. Floating chain wine bottle holder

Welding can mean big and brutish. If you’ve got skills and experience, it can also mean small and precise. That means projects that don’t need a lot of actual welding but might pose a challenge to your organizational skills. This wine bottle holder made from a chain is that kind of idea. Even when full, a wine bottle isn’t very heavy, so the trick will be in putting in a seam that is just enough to hold permanently without being very noticeable. Once you’re finished, feel free to finish off what’s in the bottle to celebrate.

6. Storage racks

Another practical project that is easy and fast are storage racks. There are a lot of reasons to have metal storage racks in your shop, and they need strength. You can do that by welding them together.

Once you get the hang of it, you can quickly figure out how to quickly fabricate all kinds of different metal frames for a variety of uses, from shelving units to specialized picture frames.

7. Coat rack

Less practical than storage racks, but a lot more pleasing to the eye are coat racks you make for your home. These are racks designed to be tasteful and shiny and paired with wood.

Although that might sound like a recipe for complicated, slow work, these will go fast. It’s a matter of a simple weld of the hook to the frame.

8. Added bumper You might want to check into whether it’s legal where you live, but who couldn’t use a lot of extra bumper on their car? It’s not all that hard to weld a bigger steel bumper to an existing steel bumper, but you’ll need something to hold it in place while you work.

Again, check into whether you can legally do this where you live or you might find yourself having to learn how to unmake welds in a hurry.

8. Rebar Sculpture

Re-enforcing bar or rebar is designed to be used in concrete to strengthen it from tension or bending loads. If you heat it, it can be easily bent into shape and it is an easy material to weld. Rebar has a great texture and can work well for organic sculptures.


9. Garden trellis

A garden trellis is actually quite easy to weld together. Although the final product might look big and complicated, as long as you keep in mind that you’re just making a series of straight welds you can get yourself through it.

The great thing about this project is that unlike trellis that you buy from the big box hardware store, you can customize this from the get-go. You can design it to fit into your landscaping and with your plants.

An obelisk could be an easier challenge to get you started.


Not everything you use welds on needs to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s the simplest thing that can give us a lot of pleasure while helping us learn fun, new skills. Don’t consider this list a comprehensive look, but rather a way to pique your imagination so that you can come up with something really fun that is either practical or just great to look at.

Don’t forget, be safe while welding. Wear the right protective equipment and always maintain safe working conditions.

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