Grove – Wrappers

Recently, Seeed wrote to me and asked to sponsor the site. As I’ve used Seeed before, I was happy to accept and they sent me a voucher to use.

They mentioned that there were some Grove modules I might be interested in. Again, I’ve used the Grove system before, namely on the Upcycling Design Challenge and I quite like how you can plug and play the different components. For me, the power comes when all those components are I2C based and hence you can run multiple sensors and actuators over the same bus.

One component which is not new but I’ve not seen before is the Grove-Wrapper. These are little trays that you can clip your Grove modules into.

Grove Wrapper, boards clip into the trays

The trays can clip together, be screwed down or can fit onto Lego.

Grove Wrapper with Lego

So I’ve ordered some grove modules including the wrapper and some breakout boards. Lets see if I can make anything fun with them over the break.

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