Desk Finishing

As mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been making a child’s desk from some scrap planks. I discovered late in the build that one of the planks was twisted. That caused the frame to twist when it was screwed together.

To compensate for the distortion in the frame, I removed the screws in one corner then pressed the frame down on a flat surface. That allowed me to see the natural position of the wood. I recut the end pieces to compensate and when screwed back together the distortion was reduced.

The gaps were filled and the top screwed down to the frame. The frame and top were then painted with some old “duck egg” paint we had in the shed. I left the legs plain for contrast.

To fit the legs, I clamped them in place using some cardboard packing to stop the clamps marking the paint. These were then fine-tuned to ensure the table didn’t wobble. I then drilled and countersunk holes before securing with some long screws.

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