Patch Day

One of my favourite pairs of jeans developed a small hole, just by the back pocket. As I did not want it to grow, I decided to leave them to one side until I had time to repair them.

I fixed them up this weekend, as the problem was so close to the pocket, I decided to patch on the inside rather than going for a “feature” patch on the outside.

The first step was to create a small patch from some leftover denim. I folded over the edges and used a simple running stitch to hold them in place.

The patch was then pinned to the jeans and I stitched around the hole to stop the tear from spreading any further.

I then stitched the patch to the jeans for additional strength. I used small stitches on the visible side, following the line on the denim so that the stitches sunk into the material. On the backside, I did not need to be so neat so longer stitches were used.

As you can see, the net result was only visible on close inspection. And given the current situation in the UK, I’m not expecting anyone to get close enough to see those stitches.

I don’t claim to be an expert in clothing repairs, so let me know how would you have done this repair?

4 thoughts on “Patch Day

  1. That looks really neat and unnoticeable, nicely done! With such a ‘throwaway’ mentality, it’s good to look at ways to repair and continue using things. x

  2. Jo B says:

    You’ve done a fabulous job. I’m not sure it really could have been done differently, and you’ll get a lot more wear out of those jeans.

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