Every Tool’s a Hammer

“Life is what you make it”

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Adam Savage is well known for his time on the popular show “Myth Busters”. And in the maker community, he’s also know for his humour and skill in making cosplay and film props. He also runs video channel and website called “Tested

As the title might suggest there are a lot of mentions of tools but it is more of an autobiography than a reference book. Saying that, there are some really handy tips to be found and I’ve learnt a thing or two from reading this.

The book covers Adam’s early life and influences, how he got into making and some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

There are some fun anecdotes and the title of the book is explained along the way. We also get to meet the people and companies that Adam has worked with and for such as Industrial Light and Magic and Jamie Hyneman. There is a wealth of advice including top tips from Adam but also some of the wider maker community.

I definitely recommend this book but do wish Adam would use the correct plural of “Lego” for more than one Lego brick. But otherwise a fantastic and inspiring read.

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