A secret door found at the back of the larder

Whilst trapped in lockdown, Jim and Hilda Bloggs of Bellhouse Road, Sheffield were not expecting to find a priceless historical artefact.

When Jim and Hilda decided to re-arrange their store cupboard, little did they know what the would discover. “It was just behind a tin of spaghetti”, said Hilda, “I’ve never seen anything quite like it”.

For there, behind the spaghetti hoops was a door handle. After they removed all of their provisions and dismantled the shelves they managed to get to the door. They were not expecting what they found next.

“I wasn’t expecting to find a door in the back of my cupboard”, stated Jim Bloggs, who bought the house in 1967. “We’ve never had an empty larder before” said Hilda Bloggs.

For there, behind the door was a set of stairs leading down into the darkness.

Luckily the couple were prepared for what they found next. They had a torch. “We always keep a torch, just in case”, chorused the Sheffield residents. At the bottom of the stairs was a treasure trove of old tools, bundled newspapers, an early vacuum cleaner, jars containing nuts and bolts and some ceramic bottles that smelt strongly of ginger.

But they were not expecting what they then found.

Amongst the papers was a letter. It read:

“Dear Miss Alison Moore we are happy to offer you admission to the University of Sheffield. You will commence your studies for Civil and Structural Engineering on September 8th 1960. Congratulations on being the first-ever female civil engineering student.”

After extensive internet research they discovered that Alison Moore was the first ever female civil engineering student at the university.

A local history expert Dr Dan Scroop confirmed that the letter was priceless when he stated, “Yes, that has no value whatsoever”.

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