Building Garden Sheds – Should You Do It Yourself?

If you’re planning to build a garden shed, you should first consider whether it’s possible to do it yourself. Its complexity will determine whether you can DIY. Read on for everything you need to know about building a shed in your garden.

You can build a basic shed design by yourself.  But, building large and complex structures is often beyond DIY skills. For instance, sheds used as spaces for relaxing, workshops, or offices are complex in design and not ideal for DIY projects.

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What Are Garden Sheds?

Traditionally, garden sheds are used for storing different kinds of tools. Traditional sheds are hardly attractive and lack windows. Today, sheds come with complex designs and are more functional. You can use them as a home workshop, office, or a space for relaxing. Best of all sheds can be designed the way you want and can be as complex as needed.

“A quality shed can also help with selling your home as an extra feature to potential home buyers”, said Neswork, one of the best Denver mortgage lenders, “a professional home appraiser can help determine the value a shed will bring”. 

The size of your shed most likely reflects your budget and the function you’ll be using it for. The fixtures and details are the other factor that will affect the price. With that said, can you design and build a garden shed yourself? The answer to this question depends on what you want the shed to do. A basic garden shed qualifies to be a simple DIY project. 

Kit Sheds Can Be Ideal DIY Projects

If a self-built shed is too daunting a project or if you’re not used to working with tools, then you can use kit sheds for DIY. Kits are usually built according to a specific size. You’ll only need to put them together using basic and simple tools. 

You’ll follow the provided instructions to fix the shed. You may have to pour concrete for the foundation slab or simply lay the shed on posts. As long as you’ll make accurate measurements and follow the instructions, installing a kit shed is relatively easy.

Kits are made of materials such as aluminium and timber. They’re available in different configurations and sizes. Some manufacturers can allow you to choose extra design elements such as a smaller door, wider roof for a patio space outside the garden shed, and windows.

A basic garden is suitable for DIY and can be built using the provided instructions. Kit sheds also look great. Kits don’t need to be boring though, for instance, an aluminum kit shed can be painted in different colors to look more attractive.

In case you need a shed made of timber, you can paint, seal, or stain it to blend in your backyard without interfering with the landscape design and to suit your temperament or garden. 

However, if you’ll add fixtures such as insulation, electricity, and plumbing, then you’ll be dealing with a complex project that may not be ideal for DIY.

If you want the shed to have lights and power outlets, then you may hire an electrician to do the wiring. Also, hire a local professional plumber such as Plumbing Force, if you want it to have plumbing fixtures and fittings installed in the shed. 

Hiring an electrician or plumber will cost you extra money. Thus, contact a reputable builder and ask for estimates before building the shed. Electrical wiring should be done before installing the exterior walls. 

Also, roughing in a pipe network should be done before constructing the shed. Thus, notifying plumbers and electricians before starting the project will prevent you from making costly mistakes.

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When Should You Hire a Professional to Build Your Garden Shed?

Garden sheds can be made for any function you want. You can design it as an extension for your home, especially if you want an extra living area or bedroom. 

Garden sheds form great home extensions. They’re often less expensive to build than extending the structure of a house.

If you want to extend your house with a shed, then you’ll need to hire an expert to do it for you. It’ll involve knocking out some walls and cladding them to match the rest of your house. 

Also, a large garden shed may require different cladding. Also, it’ll require its own roof since it won’t be attached to your house.

Kit sheds may be customized and can be done as DIY projects if they’re not too complex or too large to construct. Windows may be added to the kit. 

Besides, you can add insulation in the kit shed. Insulation is relatively easy to add. You can insulate the ceiling and walls. Insulation works by keeping the shed cool during summer and retaining warmth during winter. 

You can also add a fan if the shed has electricity. The fan will assist in keeping the shed cool during summer. You can also have a heater to keep the shed warm during winter. 

Building larger garden sheds require professional assistance. This is very necessary if it’s being constructed from scratch. Thus, hire a reliable and experienced builder for the best results. Ensure the builder is licensed.

It’s important to hire a reputable builder when building from scratch because you might not have the required skills to construct the shed framework. 

Although you can get online tutorials, an experienced builder has many years of experience with building timber framework. Thus, they know what should be done and how to do it.

The shed framework will feature spaces for the door and windows. It’ll also include a framework for the roof and everything needed to clad the shed. An experienced builder will also finish the work faster. 

They’ll build the kind of shed you want, regardless of how elaborate the design looks like. Besides, building a shed won’t cost you a lot. You’ll only pay for labor and materials, which are affordable. 

Moreover, building a shed is more economical than a house extension. Furthermore, a shed can be functional and can be built to serve as a living space or home office.

You should also hire a professional if you want to build an extra-large shed in your rural home. A huge project requires more labor force and expertise in setting up the support structures. 

Thus, it’s not a job that can be successfully done by a single person. It’ll need a team of professional builders to get it done successfully. 

Do You Need Permission from Your Local Council to Build A Shed?

If you want to build a garden shed, consider its size and complexity. Small garden sheds are ideal for DIY. However, larger or complex sheds require professional assistance. Thus, hire an experienced builder to get the job done right. 

Small gardens sheds may not require seeking permission from the local council. However, you can ask them to make sure that you don’t need a permit. However, larger sheds may require getting a permit from the local council.

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You may have to submit the plan for approval. You can hire a drafter or builder to make a plan for your shed and assist you with the process of seeking council permission. 

However, it might cost you a little more, but you’ll rest assured that everything is done right. Nevertheless, garden sheds are more affordable than home extensions.

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