Wax on, wax off

It is suggested that modern desk jobs mean that we are not as fit as our historical counterparts who had more physical jobs. So many office workers do sports, running or go to the gym.

Whilst in lockdown it can be hard to complete the exercises regime you are used to. I have been lucky that my Tai Chi class has moved to a virtual one so I’ve been attending that each Monday evening from the comfort of my own home. I’ve also been managing a weekly scoot, racing my daughter around the park on her bike. So that’s the leg muscles sorted but what about the upper body?

Inspired by Mr Miyagi’s training of Daniel LaRusso, I decided to use what I had available.

Somehow, the car, despite being stationary outside the house had managed to get in a terrible state. Normally I’d just drive it around the carwash but for obvious reasons, that’s closed down at the moment. So I got myself a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and gave it the wax on, wax off treatment. I can’t say that my car cleaning skills are anything of note but at least it doesn’t look like it’s being rallying down farm tracks now.

Paint the fence

Unlike the karate kid, I did not have a fence to paint. But I had been annoyed by the peeling paint on the front of the house. It’s been a good 5 plus years since this particular bit was painted and it gets the full force of the sun and weather. So I thought a bit of house renovation was in order.

To prepare the wall, I removed all of the weeds and moss. Then scraped off all the loose and flaky paint. I often use a wire brush for this kind of thing but as it was so bad a simple scraper worked just as well.

After giving the masonry paint a good mix and liberally applied it, making sure that it got into all of the little crevices in the wall. I used quite a large brush for this but I suspect the job would have been easier using a few sizes down. It was hard to keep from going over onto the red paint and I suspect I’ll need to give that a coat next.

Tomorrow, I’ll be able to tell which muscles have been worked out but I suspect like Daniel it will be the biceps, triceps and deltoids that got the most work.

Also like Daniel, I’ll be seeing the “rest of the fence”, in my case the back of the house which also needs restoring. To avoid my “going over the line” issue, I think I’ll use some wide masking tape this time so that I don’t have a mess to clean up afterwards.

Perhaps, if I get brave I’ll also be climbing a ladder and painting the top part of the house. But that’s a whole different set of other muscles, glutes and hamstrings I suspect.

Do you have your own Renovation Dojo, or have you found other ways to keep fit whilst restoring or repairing your house?

Has the lockdown caused you to loose or gain weight so far?

Please share your tips and tricks for keeping the body or house in order.

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