Badass Maker Women Film Festival

element14 have been looking for top makers and engineers to join their element14 presents team. They’ve reviewed the videos and have narrowed it down to 18 finalists. A great mix of hobbyists, students, engineers and makers from all around the world. They’ve all created some great amazing hacks and inspired designs using electronics, engineering and more.

Your votes are needed to determine which of them will make it onto the team and become the next generation of presenters.

Akshita Gupta
Multi-purpose Agribot

Amy Worrall
Reverse Engineering a USB lighting controller

Anne Pauley
Bearded Dragon Automated Pet Feeder

Caroline Dunn
Smart motion sensor light

Christina HD Roosevelt
Bike Safety Jacket with resistive force sensor

Clarissa Kleveno
The challenges of building a RGB LED Wall

Dikshita Desai
Hands free musical instrument

Georgia Grand
Ultrasonic Fitness Counter for counting burpees

Katie Dumont
IOT Busy button using MQTT

Liz Franson
Catapult Alarm Clock

Lorraine Underwood
Hacking a phone into a home intercom

Maria Camporese
Reducing food waste with a kitchen smartboard

IoT Smart remote controlling device

Ritvi Mishra
MQTT Mesh Device – For smart watering system

Roxana Bucina
Scrolling LED Display

Surbhika Rastogi
Automatic Dispenser System

Sylvie Ha
Automatous Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Victoria Kazachenko
Night Safety vest using EL wire

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