Axe Cosy

Our little hatchet normally hangs on a hook in the Workshopshed. But I wanted to transport it so felt that the blade need a bit of protection and us from it. I had some leather left over from a previous project and the tools and thread from when I repaired my mocassins.

So I made a simple fold in the material and then punched holes through with the awl. For a decorative effect, I put the stitching around the outside. Rather than a running stitch.

I had hoped that it would slide on a stay by itself but it slipped on an off a bit too easily. So I used a leather cord to tie it in place.

A quick project but hopefully will lead to safe axe transportation.

One thought on “Axe Cosy

  1. Jon Crane says:

    Nice cozy! And a great looking axe!

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