Shed of the year 2020 – Finalists

This year marks the 20th year of readersheds, a website setup by Andrew Wilcox aka Uncle Wilco for people to celebrate their sheds. That spawned the shed of the year competition in 2007 which even spent a few years on TV with some celebrity judges. However, it has always been the general public who have been the main deciders and that continues this year so you can vote for your favourite shed.

The sheds are split into different categories so, for example, you can vote for your favourite pub shed as well as your favourite workshop shed.

New Categories

There are two new shed categories for 2020, Lockdown – Repurpose for those who have adapted or built new sheds this year. This include sheds used for making PPE, writing and performing comedy and home schooling.

Also Lockdown – Build for new sheds built during this year’s stay at home period. Many people have taken the money that would have been spent on their holiday and instead invested it in a play, office or pub shed.


One observation on this year’s finalists was that they all look to be quite expensive projects. And I suppose that the majority of shed owners will have their own property and enough land to fit a shed. Or alternatively, time to invest in making their own. Indeed the Workshopshed too has been quite an investment over the years, with the biggest cost being the replacement of the roof in 2011 and many hours painting, fixing and enhancing it.

However, many of the finalists have spent less than £100 on their sheds, being instead made from scrap materials, upcycled parts or donations. Pallets being one of the favourite building materials for cheap sheds. For more inspiration see budget sheds

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