10 DIY Projects To Spice Up Your Quarantine

With the high rate of COVID-19 virus spreading around, many folks are stuck at home and all seems boring. I thought it would be great if you can get creative by building some artsy, practical DIY woodworking projects to spice up your quarantine. I have listed DIY projects that can be built with materials you have at home so you aren’t leaving your home to get the needed material, as this is against the guidelines of the government.  These DIY projects will get you creative, spice up your quarantine, and will help you pass the time while being stuck at home.

  1. DIY Wine Rack
Wine Rack by Fora Do Escritorio

If you are a wine lover, you will find the importance of finding a creative yet efficient storage system for unopened bottles of wine. You can craft a wine rack by gathering small pallet screws, wood glue, 80 grit sandpaper, drill bit, and other material. It takes less than an hour to get this done and the for a very low budget. A good router can help cut the slots but it can be done with simple tools too.  This rack can easily be hung on the wall and used to store your favorite wine.

  1. Coffee Mug

This adds a medieval touch to your dining tabletop and isn’t as hard as you think if you have some dust mask, titebond wood glue, wood flies, disc sander, grizzly bandsaw, and other supplies. This project is easy-to-do and won’t take your time.  You can coat the inside of the wooden coffee mug with stainless steel to make it food safe. 

  1. Wood Book End

Enjoy your quarantine by making a beautiful wood bookend with any wood lying around your house. You can make this with zero cost and complete it in less than two hours. All you need to get this done are two pieces of 2” x 4” of  8” long, one piece of 2” x 4” approximately 9 ½” long, miter saw, and wood glue. You can also add a coat of stain and varnish for finishing to amplify its creativity. 

  1. Serving Tray

The serving tray can be super fun, so imagine how awesome building a serving tray from scratch will be. Perhaps you can spice up your quarantine with this project. It is a simple project, easy-to-do, zero cost, and can be completed in less than one hour. All you need for this DIY inspirational project are wood board, wood glue, handles, miter saw, jigsaw, pre-stain conditioner, and polyurethane.  Serving trays are practical, decorative, and can be accomplished by anyone without any hassle. 

  1. Cellphone Accessory Holders

Small DIY wood projects like a cell phone accessory holder can change the look and ambiance in your home. This project is perfect for holding a phone or other device; it can also be used to keep a wristwatch or glasses. Getting this done needs some level of expertise and it can cost you a few dollars. It’s a lovely and very easy project which you will enjoy.

  1. Wood Pennant Banner
Wooden Bunting by Kelly-Dewitts

There’s nothing subtle about these lovely wood pennant banners. All you’ll need is a 6-foot board, a miter saw orbital sander, paints, string, and a few other materials that you probably have on hand if you are into woodworking. Check out the instructions at camillestyles.com

  1. Wood Earring For Her

Earring is one of the best ways you can express yourself. Bold earring pieces can elevate even the simplest outfits and she will like it if you get one for her. However, the earring is quite expensive but there is a better way to make what you are looking for from wood.   You’ll need a 1/16″ sheet of birch plywood, glue, paint, paintbrush, earring hooks, jump rings, drill bit, scissors, and a few other materials. Check out the tutorial at themerrythough.com and enjoy the photos.

  1. Painted Wood Bangles For Her

Make her proud by making one of these cool wood bangles for her. You’ll need a wood bangle bracelet, wood stain, craft paint, washi tape, and a soft paint brush for applying the gloss finish. This project takes 30 minutes to complete including the drying time. Make your way over to sarahhearts.com to find out the detailed explanation on how to make one of these beautiful wood bangles.

  1. Fancy Jewelry Box For Her

Shed away the boredom at home and spice up your quarantine by making a fancy jewelry box for her. Love is in the air and making her this perfectly captures the mood. I hope she likes it, you can make her a jewelry box either from scratch or using an existing shelf in your house. This project requires that you have an idea of woodworking; it saves a bit of money by the use of nails and doesn’t take your time. 

  1. DIY Wood Lanterns

These DIY lanterns make a big statement without being over fussy, they add an understatement architectural element to the overall aesthetic in your home. You can easily make this project because it requires minimal experience and tools. This DIY wood lantern can be made entirely from scrap wood. It is advised that you use outdoor paint if the lantern is meant for outdoor use. Head over to 100things2do.ca to find out how you can do-it-yourself. 


Here you go! I searched the internet for some DIY projects to spice up your quarantine. I found these projects practical, easy-to-do, and can be done with the materials you have in your home. With the pandemic in the world now, you can make good use of your time while still stuck in your house. I have personally made all the projects discussed in this article, they are relatively easy to do, cost-effective, and do not consume your time. Be creative and stay safe!

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  1. Paul says:

    Good projects. Most of all I liked the idea of Christmas wooden lights. I will try to do it.

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