House and Workshop

It has been a busy few weeks with some key autumn maintenance jobs on the house. Primarily cleaning out the gutters. Armed with a new ladder and a standoff, I headed up to clean out the lower level gutters. Some of these were just full of leaves and sludge. But others had actual plants growing in them. so I’m guessing they had not been looked at for some time. There is still one high level gutter to clear out but that will have to wait for a day when it isn’t so windy.

We’ve also had a tree surgeon in to ensure that our big trees don’t cause any problems during the winter. And a lot of time has been spent collecting up the leaves and stashing them into some containers to turn into mulch for next year.

A few weeks back I ordered some benches and some garage floor paint. I’ve assembled these and painted up the boards for one of the benches. The other is still to be completed but I only really had space for one set to be painted at once. I can now start filling tubs with tools and materials and stashing them on the shelves. That will clear more floor space and make it easier to find things.

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