Workshop layout

This week I painted up the next 2 boards for the workshop benches. So I should have these up and usable by the end of the week.

Having reviewed the location of the power sockets and also thought about how to divide up the area, my plan now is to have one bench, the maker drawers then the second bench. This will allow me to have a “clean” bench for things like the 3D printer and creating circuits. With a messy bench for metalworking to house the pillar drill and bench grinder as well as the vice. I’m also planning to use the maker drawers for mostly the more delicate items such as measuring tools and electronics. Things like the furnace which were in the drawers previously can live on the big shelves at the back of the workshop.

I’ve still to workout how to mount the vice. I might need to re-enforce the bench and/or bolt it to the wall. The previous bench was slightly annoying in that it moved a bit when filing or sawing so I don’t want a repeat of that.

This orientation will also allow me to fit and extractor fan in the middle over the drawers so that I can extract fumes from either bench via some suitable ducting.

I’ve been doing some DIY jobs around the house, the router was used to carve out a slot so that a bolt could be fitted onto one of the rarely used doors. It did not make sense to add an expensive new lock to a door we didn’t plan to use. We’ve also managed to get the last gutter cleaned, this was the longest and highest section so I was waiting until there was good weather as I did not want to be at the top of such a high ladder when there was wind and rain. Another DIY job is to fit some porthole windows into the front doors. This will add some light into the space. I’ve ordered some 6mm MDF to make templates from but had some challenges finding somewhere with any in stock. I finally found a supplier but there are delays in delivery which is annoying.

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