Router Jig Pivot

For the next part of the router circle cutting jig, I needed to create a part that would slide up and down the slot and could be clamped in place. This provides the pivot for the jig. For this, I chose a piece of bronze rod, which I’d picked from the offcuts bin at a model fair a few years back.

The vice was not yet fixed to the bench as the benchtop first needed to be attached to the frame. So I clamped that in place temporarily.

From the bar, I sawed two slices, the first was 10mm and the second 4mm thick. These were then smoothed by rubbing on sandpaper. First a coarse grit then a finer grit.

A centre finder was used to scribe a line across the middle of the larger disk and then a ruler to scribe two lines 3mm offset from that. The material was then sawn away using a Jr hacksaw. The shape was finished using a file to ensure a sliding fit in the slot.

Using the centre finder again, the centre was marked along with 2 points for the clamping bolts. The holes were pilot drilled using a 2mm drill. The 2 parts were taped together and I then drilled through the larger part to leave matching holes on the thin piece. All of the holes were then drilled to 4mm.

In the large piece, centre hole was drilled to 5.5mm and the 2 side holes to 4.5mm. The smaller piece all holes were 5.5mm.

The next step will be to tap the holes for the clamping screws, once I’ve unpacked the taps and dies.

Next step, base plate and screw handle

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