How To Preserve A Window Sill

Window sills are a part of any building’s structure. They’re necessary because they serve as part of the window’s framing to keep it in place. Nowadays, window sills come in various designs and are available in different materials. Aside from their structural function, window sills also add a decorative element to any house.

A interior view of a white window sill

A window sill is the bottom or base section of the trim or the ledge at the lower part of the window. Although you can use window sills as a lovely spot for your plants, they’re also an essential component of the window, as they can keep out the rain and other external elements, as well as make the windows energy efficient.   

Window sills are a component of the window trim, including the side jambs, head casing, and the apron, which is the piece that attaches to the wall under the sill. Every component plays a vital role in keeping the window durable and preventing the entry of the outdoor elements inside your house. Today, online stores like Skirting Board Shop offer a variety of window sills to match any style. The availability of a wide range of sizes and finishes make them an ideal addition to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Since a window sill has an essential role to play in your house, it’s vital to learn ways to ensure that it stays functional for years to come.  

Ways To Preserve A Window Sill  

The constant exposure of window sills in your house to natural elements such as the sun, rain, wind, and snow can result in wear and tear. Aside from affecting the aesthetic factor, worn window sills can be a potential hazard if the paint starts to chip away or if pieces of wood become loose.   

Luckily, there are various products that you can use to prevent window sills from deteriorating, as well as make them resilient against the onslaught of the weather. You can find most of these products at home improvement stores or even online.   

1. Apply Wood Stain  

One way to preserve the appearance of your window sills at home is to apply wood stain. The product is easy to use since you only need a clean cloth for the application. If you’re eager to achieve the best results, choose a wood stain that contains ultraviolet light inhibitors.

Exterior window sill for a wooden building

2. Use A Water-Repellent Preservative  

Window sills are subject to constant exposure to wet conditions or moisture from the windows and adjacent shutters, so you need something that would repel the water. It would be best to look for a water-repellent wood preservative, which works by protecting the wood against the weather, especially moisture, as well as inhibit the growth of fungus or mildew.   

3. Apply Paint  

A simple way to preserve the appearance and functionality of window sills in your house is to use latex paint. This type of paint is a suitable choice to protect your window sills against external elements. You can find various alternatives in different colors that you can easily coordinate with your house’s exterior theme. Remember that you need to scrape the paint off and reapply it every one to two years since it will eventually chip and fade over time.  

4. Perform Proper Cleaning And Maintenance Of The Windows  

Always remember that prevention, along with a little effort on your part, will play a big role in keeping your window sills and trims in good shape for years to come. As part of regular maintenance, let’s take a look at how to care for your window sills and frames at home:  

  • Remove any build-up of dust on the window frames, mostly on the upper part of the sashes and window sills once you’re cleaning. You can scrub the trim with foamy water and allow it to air dry. Do this at least two times a year or when necessary.  
  • If there’s mildew or mold developing on your windows, directly mist a solution of water and vinegar and leave it in place for a while. Wipe it away until you can see the wood and allow the site to dry. Clean the area with soapy water.  
  • In case there are water spots in the window trims or the window sills, you should clean them using distilled water, or spray rubbing alcohol and wipe the area down. Take note that window sills are susceptible to the formation of water spots since water can gather on the shelf.   
  • In damp parts of the house, especially bathrooms and basements, you should use a dehumidifier or open up the windows to allow the air to circulate.  

Windows are vital elements that keep your house secure. They require regular care and maintenance, especially the window sills. With the help of several products, your window sills will remain looking good as new, as well as resilient enough to endure the elements for years to come.

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