The Secret Life of Components

Tim Hunkin has released a new series called The Secret Life of Components. In this series, he looks at the components that are used in many of his machines and describes how to choose and use them.

So far he has brought out two episodes: Chains and Leds. And there are 6 more to follow. The videos are based on Tim’s 40 plus years of working with different electro-mechanical components and hence are full of practical tips. His approach is that of an experimental engineer so he often selects components through measurements rather than calculation. And given that his machines are used by hundreds of people each week the focus is on reliability. Tim has done his research and as well as including incorporating history they have bang up to date features such as addressable LEDs controlled from a microcontroller. The videos are educational but also entertaining and of course feature some of Tim’s wonderful machines. Each video includes a table of content at the start incase you are using these as a reference guide for a specific topic.

This is not Tim’s first time creating an educational video series. The Secret Life of Machines came to out screens back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It looked at machines that were found in the home and business at the time. Some of those are a bit dated now such as the fax machine. But many machines are still very recognisable such as the lift, internal combustion engine or sewing machine. I saw that some of those videos are being remastered and published by Tim too.

When not telling us about machines and components Tim can be found advising museums and education. Or designing and building machines for one of his arcades in London or Southwold.

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