Gates Update

Over the last week, the gates have been painted and the holes for the bases have been dug and filled with postcrete.

To ensure the holes were all filled to the same level I remove the gravel between the holes and laid a fence post across them with a spirt level on the top. One of them needed a slight top-up which I did before the previous pour had dried.

Robot Project

I had an idea for a small robot project before I moved house, so I’m going to be working on that over the next few weeks. It’s based around the Seeeduino Xiao a small microcontroller board with a SAM21D processor and an inbuilt Digital to Analogue convertor which should mean I can get decent quality audio output? It doesn’t have a massive memory so I’ll likely need to use an SDCard to store any audio files.

I spotted that there is a new IDE for Arduino that supports debugging on SAMD based boards but only if you have the right hardware (a JTAG debugging probe) and if your board library has support baked in. A JTAG probe is going to set me back approx £55 (Black Magic Probe) and although I did enjoy stepping through code on the Azure Sphere board I don’t think I’m going to use it enough to justify the investment.

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