Model and gates

Firstly, a big thanks to everyone who provided tips and advice on FreeCAD both here and via Twitter. Also thanks to Joko Engineering on YouTube for some very helpful videos. I’ll be checking out the A2Plus assembly module once I’ve got a few more parts made. I’ve also been using the Spreadsheet module to make the model parametric which should come in handy for when I’m fine-tuning it.

My 3D model is progressing well and hopefully should have some test prints this week. Need to add some holes for a clamp to hold the motors in place and some more pockets for some hex nuts.

The gates are finally installed, just the slot to cut for the latch to be done and the planks to be painted. As mentioned on Twitter, the planks were fitted using self drilling screws which made that aspect of the job as easy as if the frame had been wooden.

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  1. […] the parts were printed they were primed and painted before sticking to the robot using hot glue. A translucent filament was used for the flashing orange light on the top. […]

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