More modelling

I’ve been doing some more modelling in FreeCAD this week. My first challenge was to create a pipe that looked a bit like a vacuum cleaner pipe. So I wanted the characteristic stepped outline. I created this using the loft tool in the part design workbench.

First I created a series of straight lines approximating the curve I needed (the path), you can’t do this using a spline as we need to have the junctions. Then I sketched a simple circle. The loft tool then took created me a segmented curved rod. Selecting alternate edges one by one, I added a cylinder half the size of the segment. Finally I added the hole down the middle by sketching another circle and lofting that along the same path as before.

My second component is a switch. This took a lot less effort to create. I started with a cylinder and filleted the top edge. I then sketched a triangle and padded that to be slightly thinner than the circle. The fillet tool was then applied to each of the top and aside edges. I need to add in a hold to the back to fit this to a shaft but otherwise it is ready to go.

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