A robot that smells

Back in 2019, I had an idea to build a clone of the Cheesoid robot for a Project14 competition from Element14. I got as far as saving an old coffee tin and messaging David on Twitter. But I didn’t find the time to build the robot.

When I unpacked for the new workshop, I found the coffee can and decided that I would resurrect the project.

The first steps were to design the model for the robot in CAD so that the parts could be 3D printed. I created an internal chassis that was held together with threaded rods and when trying to work out how to connect the modules together I had the idea of using miniature breadboards. The size constraints were quite tight as I wanted to fit it inside the coffee can.

A robot chassis formed of disks and breadboards with 2 wheels and skid steering

Once the parts were printed they were primed and painted before sticking to the robot using hot glue. A translucent filament was used for the flashing orange light on the top.

You can watch the video of the build over on the Element14 community.


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