Real life logo

I would love to claim the logo was made from planks from the old Workshopshed, but it has more humble origins.

The build started out with some of the offcuts from when I made the step to our tv room. After cutting 3 pieces roughly the same length, I glued them together with some gutter sealant.

The motivation for this was that I wanted to have a black gap between the planks, the front of the logo needed to be flat, but I also had a spare tube just opened from sealing up some gutters.

After sawing the edges straight and sanding, I stained the wood using some water based stain described as “antique green”. Definately recommended using gloves with that stuff which is applied with a rag.

The screwdriver and calipers logo was created as a SVG file in Inkscape and sent to Andrew from who had offered to provide me a free sample. The design is cut out of vinyl and is provided on a transfer sheet. These are delivered securely in a tube. To apply, you need remove the backing paper then stick the vinyl to the surface. Bubbles and ripples need to be smoothed out before the glue sets. You leave the transfer paper till the glue takes hold. This was the biggest sticker I’ve ever applied but it went on smoothly. Finally remove the backing paper to reviel the finished effect.

I added a couple of screws and a wire to the back so it could be hung on a nail.

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