Fairy Door

The local community group asked if we could make a fairy door for their project. Although my daughter is a “bit big for fairies” she did fancy practising some maker skills.

Borrowing some ideas from the cardboard kits I had been building, we decided to make the door from layers of material. We had some packing material and other offcuts which seemed suitable. For the main part of the door, we selected a board with a faux wood texture. The frame was some simple hardboard and the back a paler material.

The first part of the door to be made was the frame. We drew and outline using a rule and some compasses to the size we thought a fairy might be. This shape was cut out using a jr hacksaw.

For the main door we cut it to the same size as our frame. We marked up where we wanted the windows and used a small drill bit for a pilot on the pillar drill. A forsner bit was used to cut out the windows.

Holes for the door handles were also added. And brass split pins were added for the handles.

This sheet was glued behind frame and finally the pale sheet was glued behind that.

Once the glue was dry the outer frame was trimmed to size using a coping saw. Then painted up using some blue acrylic paint. My wife suggested tinfoil for the windows so we added that too. Retrospectively this could have been added before glue up which would have made the assembly a lot simpler.

The door can now be delivered to the group and hopefully we’ll have some photos of the door in situ.

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  1. Ingle says:

    The best post I read till now. I think the fairy door project will be the best for my kid.

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