I’ve recently been watching a few model makers on YouTube.

Here’s a few of my favourites.

The one thing that sets apart the really good models are the details. So I thought about how I could add some detail to my own project. I had already done a little for the base. I used two types of printed card for the road and pavement, making the pavement a bit wavy and tapering off to the back to give a false perspective. I also used some acrylic paint, dabbed on and smudged to give some appearance of wear and tear. The edges of the card were darkened so t hide the white card and give a stronger impression of height change.

The kit houses I used also had some recommendations, which was to paint the edges and to add some extra tiles for the roof ridges.

I used some card and wood scraps to make a pile of boxes and crates to go outside on of the shops and a tree is being made to fit between the buildings.

Using some of the left over road, I stacked some together and made a low wall to go next to the pub. My final bit of detail was to add some greenery using some pieces of moss from the garden.

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