Infinite Book Nook

After seeing my book nook project earlier in the year, several of my relatives mentioned how much they liked the idea. So I decided to build a simpler design for one of them.

I started with a “Vintage Storage Book Box” and then googled “Gothic Windows STL” which I could use as my viewing portal. I found a suitable model that could be adapted and used the Windows 3D Builder app to augment the frame. This was then printed out and used as a stencil to cut out a window in the side of the book box. I was slightly concerned it would be hollow walled or flimsy card and need re-enforcing. But it turned out to be MDF which made my project so much easier.

For the “scene” on the inside, I used some of the stone textured paper from the previous book nook project and as flooring and painted a simple grey ceiling. A larger window was placed at the back of the scene.

To create the infinite view effect, I used half-silvered acrylic sheeting and added some LED lights to the roof. A simple battery, switch and resistor made up the circuit. Due to the size of the scene, there is a small storage space under the floor which would be big enough to hide a key or a credit card. If the book is flipped it just looks like any other old book.

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