Potion Rack

The latest video is up on Element14 Presents, “Using 555 Timers to Make a Magic Potions Rack“. The video is about the electronics behind the potions so I thought I’d also give a mention to the woodwork behind the project. I needed to create a potions rack that had some space underneath for electronics. So I employed an old magician’s trick of setting the supporting frame which is set back from the edge. This give the impression of a really thin support and allows more to be hidden underneath.

I had some 3mm ply and some 6 mm MDF so I laminated those together and added a trim around the outside for the base

Then I used a hole saw to add some holes for the potion bottles to rest in. This had to be changed later as I swapped my middle potion from being some coils to being a rotating magnet. I added a some simple pine battens under the base to form a platform. This provides space for the electronics.

Then the whole thing was given a coat of varnish in an “antique oak” colour. And the bottles were given 3D printed supports to hold the QI charging coil, the stepper motor and the UV LEDs that provided my 3 different effects.

You’ll see the results at the end of the video.

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